/Vitt Squalo Mercedes SL Duo Photoshoot

Vitt Squalo Mercedes SL Duo Photoshoot

Vitt Squalo Mercedes SL Duo 0 600x358 at Vitt Squalo Mercedes SL Duo Photoshoot

So we showed you Vitt Squalo Mercedes SL R230, and we showed you their R231 SL. It is now time to see these bad boys together and ponder how the design of this styling kit has evolved over the years. This is natural selection at work!

Granted, the evolution of Vitt Squalo Mercedes SL has a designer and a creator, and the real evolution sort of doesn’t. But the principle is the same. You have the kind of features that worked for a time and for a particular car. As that model is replaced by a superior one, you change those features and make them work with the new stuff.

Now, some people may still prefer the old design, which is fine, in the same way that some of the modern humans are not only an improvement over their ape-like ancestors, they are even worse. It is a good job then the R230 kit still looks rather interesting. Yes, it’s old and kind of outdated, but on the upside it is much more affordable than the new one.

The Vitt Squalo Mercedes SL R231 is not perfect either, but in all honesty it is one of the nicest body kits we have seen for this generation of the SL. The designers have addressed pretty much all that was wrong with the original looks of the car and reinforced its good parts. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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