/Blacked-Out Mansory S63 Spotted in Dubai

Blacked-Out Mansory S63 Spotted in Dubai

Mansory S63 dubai 0 600x360 at Blacked Out Mansory S63 Spotted in Dubai

A couple of weeks ago we a magnificent matte grey Mansory S63 based on the Mercedes S63 AMG W222 in London. Now another version of this highly exclusive super saloon has been spotted, this time in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This one is fully blacked-out; a theme that suits the mean character of the car.

Rocking Saudi number plates, this black Mansory S63 doesn’t really look like the beast it truly is. The paint job kind of obscures the carbon fiber aero kit which is pretty much the only giveaway where this car comes from and what is it all about. Well, that and those de luxe Mansory wheels.

Inspecting the car up close, one would notice Mansory S63 features a custom front-end with a carbon fiber spoiler and intake grilles, a vented hood, custom wings and side vents, new skirts, rear diffuser, and bootlid spoiler, along with four exquisite looking tailpipes. What’s more, the rife height is lowered and the wheels completely fill up the fenders.

These changes are not just for the show. They are also functional in the sense that they keep the big saloon stable when it’s dealing with the 1,000 horsepower that Mansory engineers have bestowed upon its engine.

Via Autogespot

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