/Mercedes G63 AMG Solar Beam Crazy Color Spotted in Paris

Mercedes G63 AMG Solar Beam Crazy Color Spotted in Paris

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As I’m sure you know by now, Crazy Color is the name of a new option for the Mercedes G63 AMG and G65 AMG which offers exactly what it says on the tin – a range of truly crazy colors. A while ago we saw a Sunset Beam G63 out in the wild, now another one has been scooped, this time in Solar Beam.

You may remember this AMG Solar Beam Yellow color from the SLS AMG Black Series or this C63 AMG Black. It is a very special color, a bit too ostentatious truth be told, but quite impressive and pretty sporty. Although this color works better with sportier models such as those mentioned above, it also suits the G63 and gives it a less intimidating look.

The crazy Solar Beam color on Mercedes G63 AMG is paired with gloss black bumpers, roof and side mirrors. This paint job costs a whopping 15,400 Euros, but it is in fact the cheapest crazy color you can order. Other available colors will run for close to 20 grand. That sounds like a lot for what’s essentially a bucket of paint, but you have take into account the fact that these models will sell for more on the other end. So it kind of balances out.

Pictures via Autogepsot

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