/2000-Mile Sahara Adventure in a Ferrari Testarossa!

2000-Mile Sahara Adventure in a Ferrari Testarossa!

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If we owned a 1987 Ferrari Testarossa we’d keep it in an air conditioned garage and spend most days just ogling it, only taking it out for a drive on weekends and holidays when the roads are empty and the weather is good. Harry Metcalfe, however, had other ideas for his Testarossa. He took his car on a 2000-mile journey across the Sahara Desert!

The reason for this was quite simple. Harry wanted to know how Richard Bremner felt when he, back in 1995, drove a Ferrari 512M all the way from the Ferrari factory to the Sahara desert for Car Magazine. Simple as that.

Ferrari Testarossa is now exactly known as a fragile super car, but still, a lot of people wouldn’t take that journey in a modern, reliable car, let alone a 28-year old Italian car. That is why what Harry has accomplished here is hugely impressive. Looks like he had good fun along the way, too.

Harry Metcalfe, in case you don’t know him, is one of the most prominent figures in the world of motoring journalism. He is the founder of Evo Magazine, the owner of one of the coolest car collections in the UK, and he is an adviser to Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Operations unit.

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