/Best Sport Exhaust for BMW M4: Akrapovic vs Hamann

Best Sport Exhaust for BMW M4: Akrapovic vs Hamann

Best Sport Exhaust for BMW M4 600x324 at Best Sport Exhaust for BMW M4: Akrapovic vs Hamann

BMW M4 is a purebred sports car bought predominantly by people who are obsessed with stuff like gear ratios, damping settings, and camber angle. They love to tinker with their car and upgrade it, which is why 9 out of 10 M4s out there has a sport exhaust fitted to it. This raises an important question: what is the best sport exhaust system for BMW M4?

To find the answer to that question you need some serious detective work involving comparing decibel figures. But to help you in your quest, here we have here a thorough comparison between two of the finest exhaust systems available for the M4. This is Akrapovic’s titanium system versus Hamann’s own. A stock M4 is included in this test as well so you can appreciate the difference better:

A sport exhaust system is usually the first mod any BMW M4 owner thinks about because the standard system is not really up to the job. It works brilliantly in terms of performance and all that, but the soundtrack it generates is not what you’d expect from a car with M4’s sporting credentials and heritage. BMW blames the turbochargers for killing most of the good engine notes, but how is it that these tuners can salvage them and BMW can’t?

Video by Shmee150

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