/Clash of the Luxury Titans: Maybach vs Mulsanne Speed

Clash of the Luxury Titans: Maybach vs Mulsanne Speed

Maybach Mulsanne Speed 600x333 at Clash of the Luxury Titans: Maybach vs Mulsanne Speed

On this episode of Motor Trend’s Head to Head we join a heavily bearded Jonny Lieberman as he sets out to choose the best super deluxe saloon car money can buy today. The contenders include the new Mercedes Maybach and the high-performance Bentley Mulsanne Speed.

So which one of these fine machines you think will serve you better as a personal road yacht? Is it the impeccable but somewhat dull Mercedes-Maybach, or the fairly eccentric but characterful Bentley?

As Jonny clearly showed, with cars like these the tester has to spend a lot of time in the back seat figuring out which one is more comfortable and generally feels better. When you buy a Maybach or a Mulsanne chances are you are going to get a chauffeur as well because you can’t be bothered with the mind0numbing job of driving, especially as you can get some work done when riding in the back. And while that’s OK with the Maybach, as it’s just an S-Class to drive, the Mulsanne Speed has some driver’s car genes in its blood which are frankly wasted because of its intended role. Bentley may have got their priorities mixed with this car.

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