/How to Properly Abuse a Porsche 911

How to Properly Abuse a Porsche 911

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In what appears to be a super car meet or something somewhere in Dubai, the owner of this red Porsche 911 Carrera felt a bit left alone. Nobody paid him any attention in the presence of cars like the Ferrari F12 and Maserati Quattroporte, so he decided to force people to look at him by incessantly revving his 911 for 4 full minutes!

Of course, Porsche 911 is a tough enough sports car to take such punishment without breaking a sweat, but as you can seen in the video the exhaust system was just about to melt when the guy finally stopped being mad.

Man, people do crazy sh*t when they are bored!

This Porsche 911, which is a beautiful red 991 with a few extras fitted to it, is riding on a set of Vorsteiner wheels. Chances are that poor exhaust system is made by the American tuner as well. They probably didn’t test the system for stuff like this though.

Video by Patrick3331

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