/Kahn Flying Huntsman Defender Pickup Redefines Cool

Kahn Flying Huntsman Defender Pickup Redefines Cool

Flying Huntsman Defender Pickup 0 600x375 at Kahn Flying Huntsman Defender Pickup Redefines Cool

It didn’t take Kahn Design very long to built their first Flying Huntsman Defender Pickup following the first preview. It’s now finished and it’s looking much cooler in the flesh than it did in the sketches released before. Still, some may struggle to see the point of this thing.

Not everybody will agree that Flying Huntsman Defender Pickup is a fashionable and cool urban runabout. To them this car is an old and ugly truck, elongated for no good reason and painted matte black. But you can’t deny that this thing has presence and that it’s just a fun thing to look at. And it only costs £58,875 which is a reasonable price for the number of necks that it will turn.

That said, we still prefer the normal Kahn Defender pickup because the extra length they’ve given this car is not used for anything useful. The car has the same dimensions as the normal Flying Huntsman which means the front has been lengthened by 400mm and the width by 150mm. But whereas the Huntsman SUV gets a big and beefy V8 engine, the pickup features a 2.2-litre diesel engine. So all that extra space is pretty much wasted.

At any rate, the styling treatment on the Flying Huntsman Defender Pickup includes front and rear wide wings with vents and bolt apertures, extended wheel arches, bonnet release cable, front bumper replacement including bumper lights and sump guard in stainless steel, shadow chrome headlamps, front bumper replacement with bumper lights, bonnet and side vents with mesh stainless steel, side steps, X-Lander front grille, 8″ x 18″ Defend 1945 Retro Wheels in Matt Black. Inside you get GTB Sports seats, leather-covered everything, and a bespoke Kahn steering wheel.

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