/Mansory Mercedes S-Coupe Diamond Spotted in Geneva

Mansory Mercedes S-Coupe Diamond Spotted in Geneva

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You may remember the impressive Mansory Mercedes S-Coupe Diamond Edition from this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Turns out the car decided it likes Geneva and wants to stay there. It was recently photographed. Mind you, it is sporting Saudi number plates.

Mansory Mercedes S-Coupe Diamond is a highly exclusive take on the S-Class Coupe and is based on the S63 AMG model. What Mansory has done to that car to arrive at this is way more than normal tuning stuff. They have basically facelifted the car and done something akin to coachbuilding here.

On the styling front the car gets all-new bumpers, fenders, hood, vents, grilles, sills, and aero parts including front and rear spoilers, skirts, and diffuser. And it’s all made from carbon fiber, some of them left exposed to complement the matte blue paint job. The same applies to the interior where you find a bespoke cabin with matching colors.

Then there is the M1000 performance kit Mansory Mercedes S-Coupe Diamond boasts. As the name suggests, it’s a 1000 horsepower kit with 1,400 Nm of torque. Impressive numbers, but performance figures are still far less than mind-blowing as 0 to 100 takes 3.2 seconds. But cars like this are all about showing off and bragging rights, and for that it is all very spot on.

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