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BMW M7 Speculatively Rendered

BMW M7 render 600x359 at BMW M7 Speculatively Rendered

As we mentioned when we showed you pictures of the M Sport version of the new BMW 7 Series, chances are slim for a high-performance BMW M7 to follow the launch of the standard and hybrid models. BMW has been mulling this over for years, but to no avail. Still, one can always dream, right?

And dreaming is what propelled the imagination of independent designer X-Tomi who has come up with this speculative rendering of the BMW M7. It probably wasn’t a hard thing to do for a skilled designer like Tomi, as he’s just fitted the car with the M4’s front bumper, blacked-out the roof, and lowered the ride height a bit. And voila, the M7 created. See BMW? It’s not that hard!

As long as we are speculating, let’s give this BMW M7 some technical specs to go with those cool looks. The obvious powertrain choice for the M7 would be the 4.4 liter bi-turbo V8 that powers the M5 and the M6. But since it’s not happening – most likely because BMW is afraid it might not be as good as the Mercedes S63 AMfG and that would be humiliating for the Bavarians – we are going to give this imaginary car a twin-turbo V12… with 700 horsepower… and vertical take-off while we’re at it.

Rendering by X-Tomi Design

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