/BMW X2 Rendered as Sport Activity Coupe

BMW X2 Rendered as Sport Activity Coupe

BMW X2 Render 600x353 at BMW X2 Rendered as Sport Activity Coupe

Just a hint from BMW that they might be working on a small crossover called the X2 was enough reason for designer X-Tomi to break out his best version of Photoshop and render the car you see here. The BMW X2 he’s come up with uses the 2016 X1 as the base and combines it with the Sport Activity look of the X4/X6 series.

While the idea of a coupe-like compact crossover is intriguing, we have to say a smaller X4 is not something that makes much sense. If you are into this Sport Activity thing and you want a big car, you get the X6. If you like that bodystyle in a more compact package, you go and buy the X4.

A smaller X2 model would be like a less practical X4 with no apparent advantage in terms of efficiency that would justify it. That said, BMW is confident that they can keep introducing new niches and people will buy what they have to offer regardless of how pointless, or how ugly, that offering might be. It will sell in huge numbers just because it’s a new BMW. 

So to sum up, what you get with the BMW X2 is an X1 with almost no headroom at all in the back, a tiny boot, and probably a harsh ride because it is supposed to be “sporty”.

Rendering by X-Tomi Design

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