/Sights and Sounds: Brabus Rocket 900

Sights and Sounds: Brabus Rocket 900

Brabus Rocket 900 spot 600x330 at Sights and Sounds: Brabus Rocket 900

In what appears to be a Brabus convention somewhere in London, three Brabus Mercedes S-Class models were spotted hanging out together. The main highlight of the group was a white Brabus Rocket 900, but the black Brabus 850 and the white Brabus T65S W221 were also mighty impressive.

The Brabus Rocket 900, as you would expect, is rocking Saudi Arabia number plates, while the other two have 1 VVN plates which is a seriously cool plate to have. So what do you think of the sights and sounds of these Brabus-tuned luxury saloons? Do you think that Rocket is worth over half a million Euro?

Brabus Rocket 900 is powered by a heavily-tuned V12 bi-turbo engine which as the name suggests has 900 horsepower and something like 1,500 Nm of torque, and can do 350 km/h. It is absolutely bonkers. But the gap between this and the 850 model isn’t really that big. So if a mad S-Class is what you want, save yourself a few tens of thousands of Euros and get the 850. It’ll be just as quick in the real world, and we think it actually sounds better as well.

Video by World Super Cars

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