/Ugly Duckling: Brabus Mercedes G500 Cabrio

Ugly Duckling: Brabus Mercedes G500 Cabrio

Brabus Mercedes G500 Cabrio 0 600x400 at Ugly Duckling: Brabus Mercedes G500 Cabrio

Earlier today we brought you footage of a Mansory Mercedes G500 out and about in Monte Carlo. That car looked really good, but we knew that was mostly because the roof was down. It is the nature of open-top SUVs to look kind of horrendous when the roof is up, as shown here by this Brabus Mercedes G500 Cabrio.

So if you were all hyped up to buy a G500 Cabrio after watching that video, these pictures might make think twice before righting the check. Don’t get me wrong, Brabus Mercedes G500 Cabrio is a superb car to own and it even looks cool when you remove that canvas roof. But I’m sorry, with the roof in place the car looks almost intolerably ugly.

Still, if you live somewhere where you can always keep the roof and all its bits and bobs stowed away, then by all means go ahead and get yourself a Brabus Mercedes G500 Cabrio. The car features the Widestar Limited Edition body kit with bespoke bumpers and grilles, as well as custom running boards, fender flares, Brabus wheels, and side tailpipes.

As for the performance, while that Mansory G500 could offer you 700 horsepower, Brabus has kits with up to 850 horsepower. Mind you, to get the full-fat version you need to do an engine swap for the bigger 5.5 liter bi-turbo unit.

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