/Cadillac Escalade Rust Chrome by Metro Wrapz

Cadillac Escalade Rust Chrome by Metro Wrapz

Cadillac Escalade Rust Chrome 0 600x350 at Cadillac Escalade Rust Chrome by Metro Wrapz

One of the coolest vehicles on display at this year’s Forgiato Fest was without a doubt Metro Wrapz’s Cadillac Escalade Rust Chrome. This is hands down the most unique wrap we’ve seen on this vehicle and one that can almost be called artistic.

The Rat Rod look is a fairly new trend in the world of car customization and its point it to make perfectly fine cars, often vintage exotics, look like they’ve been through a sand storm or a nuclear winter, or some crazy sh*t like that.

The thing is though, this treatment looks best on iconic classics or fancy sports car, precisely because they are the farthest thing from a nasty, radioactive piece of junk. An Escalade does not really look the part for a rat rod project. Still, the guys at Metro Wrapz have done a good job with the design of the wrap. The car does indeed looks like it has spent the whole of last month in the bottom of a river.

MW’s Cadillac Escalade Rust Chrome rides on a set of light blue Forgiato wheels and has its standard chrome grille and accents. It would nice if they’d given the rust treatment to those parts as well. But hey, there is always Stage 2!

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