/Details Emerge on Ferrari F12 Speciale aka GTO

Details Emerge on Ferrari F12 Speciale aka GTO

Ferrari F12 Speciale 600x333 at Details Emerge on Ferrari F12 Speciale aka GTO

So what we have been told is called Ferrari F12 GTO is actually named Ferrari F12 Speciale, according to the boys at Autocar magazine who are rarely wrong about these things. The hard-core F12, whatever it’s called, will be a full 200kg lighter than the Berlinetta and 30bhp more powerful.

You don’t need to be an automotive engineer to know that that is one helluva recipe. The standard F12 is a complete beast widely regarded to be too powerful and too fast. So what is this Ferrari F12 Speciale that is lighter and more potent going to be like? Will it even be drivable? Will it be faster than the LaFerrari.

We will not find the answers to all those burning questions any time soon, as Ferrari is said to be readying the hotted-up F12 for the next Geneva Motor Show in March 2016. But an educated guess would put the 0 to 60 time of the 760bhp Ferrari F12 Speciale at around 3.0 seconds – since it will be still be rear-wheel-drive – and its top speed somewhere in the neighborhood of 350 km/h.

As with all other special edition Ferraris though, people are going to be queuing up for the F12 Speciale not because of the performance, but because it is a limited edition model. And because it looks good. Nobody has seen the car in full glory yet, but it doesn’t take much imagination to picture it. It’ll be an F12 with a cool aero kit installed on it. It is bound to be good.

Via Autocar

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