/Wrapping Gone Astray: Pink Chrome BMW X6M

Wrapping Gone Astray: Pink Chrome BMW X6M

Pink Chrome BMW X6M 0 600x408 at Wrapping Gone Astray: Pink Chrome BMW X6M

Wrapping is a double-edged sword that can both improve or ruin a car. It all depends on the car you are dealing with and the color you choose. Take this pink chrome BMW X6M, for example. We cannot imagine any circumstances under which this would be justifiable.

Well, this thing would work well as the official car of a gay pride rally, or a breast cancer awareness campaign. But the problem is, BMW X6M is way too manly and cool to be treated like this. Women and gays would never come near a 560 horsepower Sport Activity Coupe, which begs the question, what is the deal with this pink chrome BMW X6M?

That, we don’t know. Maybe the guys at Print Tech who did the wrapping can provide an explanation. All we can say is that it’s a proper eyesore, both literally and figuratively, and that if you saw it on the street you should roll your eyes at it in a way that owner realizes what they’ve done is wrong. Either that, or just don’t pay attention to it. It is a free world, after all!

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