/Matte Grey BMW M3 Looks Dashing

Matte Grey BMW M3 Looks Dashing

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We have shown you tons of great modified BMW M3s over the years, but I think you would agree sometimes the simplest mods are the best. This matte grey BMW M3 is a classic point in case. All this M3 has going for it is a wrap, but that is enough to make sufficiently awesome.

Wrapped by Impressive Wrap, this matte grey BMW M3 features the vinyl wrap, gloss black grille, and gunmetal wheels. The rest is up to the car’s natural curves and angles to beautify the whole thing, and it does that beautifully. Compared to a non-wrapped M3, this bad boy look like a proper beast. Grated, it’s harder to maintain than a conventional paint job, but it looks so cool you wouldn’t mind take care of it.

Some say The F80 BMW M3 is the perfect car, seeing as it has all the good things one would imagine the perfect should have. You get four doors, a big boot, plenty of luxury amenities, cool looks, and above all, a powerful engine coupled with a sophisticated chassis, the net result of which is superb performance and handling. It makes sense, but they overlook one important factor: some people just hate the BMW badge!

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