/Qatari LaFerrari Goes Nuts in Beverly Hills

Qatari LaFerrari Goes Nuts in Beverly Hills

Qatari LaFerrari 0 600x377 at Qatari LaFerrari Goes Nuts in Beverly Hills

After wreaking much havoc in London, causing the city to come up with new laws prohibiting certain behaviors by super car owners of certain ethnicities, Arab super car owners have now found a new city where they can practice the art of super car cruising/showing off. So people Beverly Hills, if you want to know what you can expect from your rich guests all summer, check out the LaFerrari in this video.

That said, the situation is not going to be as bad in Beverly Hills as it was in London. Up there the streets are lined with shops and restaurants. Most of the residents live in big mansions in the hills, so the noise and the drifting and stuff is not going to bother them as much. Still, that doesn’t make what this Qatari LaFerrari owner has done any less uncool. What a colossal show off:


One thing Arab super car owners should keep in mind is that Americans are not as polite as the British, and LAPD is not exactly famous for their tolerance, or their love of foreigners, especially Middle Eastern people!

Photos via Autogespot

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