/Watch a Mercedes SLS Get Eaten by an Iron Beast

Watch a Mercedes SLS Get Eaten by an Iron Beast

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Scrapyards are spooky places. That is where you send your old and knackered car when it can no longer be of any service to you, which is fine. They used to do that to horses. But to see a perfectly, almost new, and very expensive car like the Mercedes SLS at a scrapyard, well that raises a lot of questions.

Before you manage to ask any of those questions though, a big hungry dinosaur-like beast sinks its teeth into the Mercedes SLS and eats it up one bite at a time. This is like watching a public execution:


As for why they did such a thing to such a nice car, it could be that this car was a write-off mechanically. Then again, when a car blows an engine or something that renders is useless, they usually strip it down and sell its parts. They don’t wreck it like mindless morons. Another theory says this SLS belonged to a criminal and was used engaged in its life in illegal activities. According to the rules of some lands, cars like these cannot be used or sold and have to be crushed. Pity.

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