/You Dig? Lexus RC F on Forgiato 22s

You Dig? Lexus RC F on Forgiato 22s

Lexus RC F Forgiato 0 600x366 at You Dig? Lexus RC F on Forgiato 22s

Oh boy, here we go again. The tuning world has its own version of racially sensitive matters where one is befuddled as to what to make of a certain situation. Check out this Lexus RC F on a set of large Forgiato wheels, for example…

…If we say it’s terrible, which it is, they say we have conservative views. If we say it looks good, some other people will be like are you effing crazy? So we just it present it to you and let you be the judge of whether or not this is a good thing to do to a car as classy as the Lexus RC F.

We have seen tons of wheel treatment for this car and most of them looked pretty amazing thanks to the RC F’s controversial, but undeniably impressive, design. Those 22-inch Forgiato Girare-M wheels, however, look just a tad out of place, especially on a grey RC F. Then again, that’s our rational side thinking that. That rapper inside us actually likes it. It tells us the whole point of cars like this is to be fun, which means you should be able to do it whatever takes your fancy.

Those wheels certainly make this Lexus a head turner. Whether or not it’s the right kind of head it’s turning is debatable.

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