/First Ferrari 488 GTB Crash Recorded in Germany

First Ferrari 488 GTB Crash Recorded in Germany

Ferrari 488 GTB Crash 600x364 at First Ferrari 488 GTB Crash Recorded in Germany

Remember that gorgeous white Ferrari 488 GTB with black roof we showed you a few days ago? Well, it seems that car, or a similarly specced model, has been involved in an accident which is the first recorded crash of the GTB.

The incident happened in Cologne, Germany, where a 22-year old decided to take the white beauty for a spin and ended up getting involved in a street race with another Ferrari and an Audi R8. Long story short, the boy racer lost control of the several thousand euro super car and, apparently, hit the wall of a tunnel, taking a big chunk off the car’s front-end. The boy had reportedly borrowed the car from its owner, so we’re assuming he’s in deep dooky right now!

Although contemporary Ferraris are all chockfull of electronic driver aides to make sure even the most ham-fisted driver can handle them, these are still thoroughbred super cars that should be treated with respect. The way this Ferrari 488 GTB punished its arrogant 20something driver is a lesson to all young people with a temper: get it under control or you literally end up paying a huge price.

Via Welt

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