/Gallery: McLaren 650S with Galaxy Wrap

Gallery: McLaren 650S with Galaxy Wrap

Galaxy Chrome McLaren 650S 0 600x406 at Gallery: McLaren 650S with Galaxy Wrap

Between the moon going full-blown orange and the discovery of water on Mars, it is fair to say this has been a good week for space stuff. And now to top it all off, here’s a custom McLaren 650S featuring a full galaxy wrap.

As weird as it may sound, this is what our part of the universe looks like viewed from the outside. You have your different stars and planets there, scattered all over empty space which the scientists tell us is not empty at all. It is full of something called dark matter which is like a glue that stops things from falling apart. And since the universe is expanding, if this wrap is an accurate representation of the galaxy, it is going to get saggy after a while.

On a more “down to earth” point, the galaxy wrap on this McLaren 650S is done by Impressive Wrap who a while back wrapped another 650S in an unbelievably beautiful amethyst color. So if it is unique colors and designs you are looking for, you know where to visit. Enjoy the photos:

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