/LAPD Gets a Loaner BMW i3

LAPD Gets a Loaner BMW i3

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Trying to keep up with the city’s celebrities who all drive green these days, apart from Jay Leno obviously, Los Angeles Police Department struck a deal to get a BMW i3 electric vehicle for twelve months. If you are thinking this is nothing more than an empty gesture, well, you are probably right.

We would understand such publicity stunts in a city where running a red light is considered the height of crime. But Los Angeles? With all the gangs, wise guys and illegal immigrants running around the place, even a tank would be considered too soft for the Police, let alone a little BMW i3, which by the way looks very cute in the black and white LAPD livery.

We’re just kidding, of course. LAPD is not going to use the BMW i3 to chase a high Charlie Sheen around Sunset Boulevard. The car will be used mainly in public events to promote downsizing and electric motoring as well as BMW i Centers network. You can’t deny it looks kinda funny though!

“The decision by the Los Angeles Police Department to undertake this evaluation highlights the compelling nature of the BMW i3 as a versatile, sustainable vehicle,” noted Christine Fleischer, Manager – BMW i for BMW of North America. “By virtue of its innovative design and construction from leading-edge materials, the i3 is a brilliant fit with the technology-driven research philosophy of the LAPD. This will be a valuable learning experience for both BMW and the Department.”

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