/Prior Design Ferrari 458 Wide Body Kit

Prior Design Ferrari 458 Wide Body Kit

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German tuner Prior Design, as you may know, has a huge love of wide body kits. It doesn’t matter what car they are working on, they always go straight for increased width. So as you’d expect the latest Prior Design Ferrari 458 is a wide one, and properly so.

Wrapped in white and rocking red ADV1 wheels, Prior Design Ferrari 458 wide body, or PD458 as they call it, gets a full visual treatment starting with a front-end makeover. There is a new front bumper featuring a carbon lip spoiler and cup wings on the sides, in addition to a new vented bonnet. The side skirts, meanwhile, are complemented with a pair of carbon aero blades with flaps on each end which increase the downforce. At the back, you get a small boot lid spoiler, revised diffuser, and a new engine cover.

The biggest highlight of the car, however, is a set of extended fenders which attach to the body through extensive modifications. The increase the width of the car on the front and rear by a considerable amount, but it is still not as extreme as something like a Liberty Walk treatment. You can still fit this car with relatively normal-sized wheels and tires and there is no need for an air suspension system. That makes Prior Design Ferrari 458 a more usable wide body super car.

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