/New Top Gear to Have an Entirely New Format

New Top Gear to Have an Entirely New Format

New Top Gear 600x361 at New Top Gear to Have an Entirely New Format

Chris Evans, the host of the new Top Gear, has finally spoken a few words about the show and how he is going about “the biggest job” he’s ever had in his life. According to Evans who spoke to reporters in Cannes, the new Top Gear won’t use same three-presenter format.

“I’m a solo artist,” says Chris Evans who believes they are going to need a completely new approach to the show, otherwise it will fail. Evans wants to steer clear of anything that would be considered copying the old Top Gear. One would imagine that has something to do with the fact that the old TG trio, Hammond, May and Clarkson, are in the process of making their own three-man show.

As to what the new Top Gear will look like, Evans does not say. “We’re going to change that,” he said. “I can’t tell you into what. I know, by the way, but I can’t say at the moment.” That is all he is going to say about it for now. Even the Stig is not sure he is going to have a job in the new show. He was with Evans in Cannes, but he is kind of the symbol of old TG, which Evans want to do away with.

“They’re the Three Stooges, they are the Bee Gees, they are that and I’m not, I’m me,” Chris Evans said. “I’m a solo artist at the moment, I’m on my own, so do I form a band or not?”

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