/Hamann Rolls-Royce Phantom with Anodized Rims

Hamann Rolls-Royce Phantom with Anodized Rims

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We have to be honest we are among those who believe tuning a Rolls-Royce is something akin to sacrilege. But every once in a while we stumble upon one of these things that look rather good and make us rethink our prejudices. This Hamann Rolls-Royce Phantom is one of those.

The mighty Hamann Rolls-Royce Phantom is not tuned as such, but equipped with a set of the tuner’s high-end wheels. They are the celebrated Edition Race “Anodized” wheels usually found on their most serious sports models. They shouldn’t work on a car like the Phantom, but they do.

The wheels on Hamann Rolls-Royce Phantom complement a lovely two-tone paint job with their anodized black finish. Meantime the silver outer lips of the wheels match the aluminum accents on the car and add a bit more visual drama to the exterior. Hamann also offers a lowering kit with 30mm drop in ride height which result in a cool look but pretty much ruins the ride quality.

One extra you may want to order is Hamann’s engine kit for the Phantom which consists of reprogramming of ECU including deactivation of 250 km/h speed limit. It boosts the output from 460 hp to 535 hp with 835 Nm of torque, enabling the car to fly past 300 km/h.

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