/Matte Orange Cadillac Escalade on Forgiato 26s

Matte Orange Cadillac Escalade on Forgiato 26s

matte orange Cadillac Escalade 0 600x368 at Matte Orange Cadillac Escalade on Forgiato 26s

Talk about a unique take on the Escalade. This big, red, bulbous thing you see here is the result of a joint project between Forgiato wheels and Metro Wraps, based on an order from MrWheels shop. Even Forgiato themselves admit the matte orange Cadillac Escalade has too much “Florida flair” about it.

Then again, you wrap your huge SUV in such a brash color and then bolt on a set of 26-inch wheels, it is fair to assume you want to stand out. In that aspect, MrWheels’s giant matte orange Cadillac Escalade is a job well-done. Mind you, you can’t really drive this car outside Florida, as people will think many bad things about you. In Florida though, this probably looks understated next to all the gold cars driving around.

The boys at Metro Wrapz have done a pretty good job with the matte orange Cadillac Escalade. They always pay a lot of attention to details. So although you may not notice it, they have gone to the trouble of removing all the trims, accents and badges even to a perfect finish, and even took care to make room for the parking sensors. Their counterparts at Forgiato have also played their parts, coming up with a set of 26-inch Girare-ECL rims in matching colors.

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