/Electric VW Camper Van Teased for CES 2016

Electric VW Camper Van Teased for CES 2016

Electric VW Camper Van 600x364 at Electric VW Camper Van Teased for CES 2016

According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, as time goes by existing species mutate and change until an entirely new one emerges that is completely different, and superior, to the last. Thus the old pot-smoking hippies have evolved into today’s uber geeks, and so VW decided they should update the old camper van to suit the needs of the new group.

They have come up with an electric VW camper van which they will showcase, in concept form, at the Consumer Electronics Show, CES, in Las Vegas next month. Now, there is more to this high-tech machine than being just a modern interpretation of a classic design. According to Volkswagen, the electric Microbus “marks the beginning of a new era of affordable long-distance electromobility.”

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What’s more, the new electric camper van showcases the latest developments in autonomous driving and in-car infotainment, technologies VW says are on the verge of being launched onto the market.

The looks of the new electric Microbus camper van previews those of the production model, and as for the powertrain, it could potentially make it intact as it’s the same system used in electric Audi e-tron models. VW claims a range of up to 500 kilometers thanks to the new lithium-ion battery pack used in the van which, if true, makes it perfect for amateur music bands who want to channel the 60s on their way to gigs, smoking e-cigarettes and having protected sex in the back of the Microbus!

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