/TAG Motorsports McLaren P1 on HRE Wheels

TAG Motorsports McLaren P1 on HRE Wheels

TAG Motorsports McLaren P1 0 600x361 at TAG Motorsports McLaren P1 on HRE Wheels

It is always an occasion when a rare and expensive hyper car gets a new set of wheels. For one thing, it takes a lot of guts, and expertise, to change the wheels and tires on this high-performance machine. What’s more, those wheels are always high-end models. So that’s why TAG Motorsports McLaren P1 is something you do not want to miss seeing.

The P1 is famous among other cars of this grade, especially LaFerrari and Porsche 918, for being the most fastidiously built in which great attention is paid to minute details such as the weight of the brake calipers and lug nuts. So for TAG Motorsports McLaren P1 to just come out sporting a set of new wheels is quite cool.

And don’t worry about the wheels messing up the performance of the car. TAG is an expert tuner and the wheels are supplied by HRE who only makes wheels for high-performance super cars. TAG Motorsports McLaren P1 has got in this treatment a set of P101 rims which are HRE’s signature design, finished in Brushed Dark Clear.

As long as this car is fitted with the standard Pirelli tires it came with, the new rims are not going to perceptibly affect the performance. As we know from Chris Harris’s mega hyper car test, rubber makes a big difference in the way the P1 goes.

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