/Gallery: VITT at Tokyo Auto Salon 2016

Gallery: VITT at Tokyo Auto Salon 2016

VITT Tokyo Auto Salon 0 600x399 at Gallery: VITT at Tokyo Auto Salon 2016

If you have been following our coverage of VITT Squalo’s cars here on MW, you know that these guys are one of favorite Japanese tuners because of their unique style. We have shown you their cars individually before, but now let’s check them out together at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2016. And, as a cherry for the top, there’s also plenty of booth babes!

VITT decided to leave their Lamborghini Aventador and Mercedes S Class behind and instead focus their Tokyo Auto Salon 2016 efforts on the two Mercedes sports cars they have prepared. The more eye-catching of the two was the Mercedes SL63 body kit in red, but the absolute highlight of the booth was the VITT Mercedes S63 Coupe of which we had only seen a preview before. They had saved this car for the big show where it was officially unveiled, flaunting one of the sickest body kits yet created for the S-Class Coupe anywhere in the world. It consists of custom front and rear bumpers as well as modified wings and skirts, front splitter and a huge rear wing.

Check out the cars in the gallery below and do not let the girls distract you:

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