/Official: Mercedes Maybach S600 Guard

Official: Mercedes Maybach S600 Guard

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If you are an important person, or just feel like you’re important enough to need a bulletproof car, Mercedes-Benz has just announced a new version of the Maybach with VR10 protection level which might interest you. The new Mercedes Maybach S600 Guard is the ideal vehicle if you are planning a vacation in Syria this spring.

Thanks to its VR10 grade, Mercedes Maybach S600 Guard can withstand pretty much any weapon a run of the mill terrorist can get his stinking hands on, up to and including assault rifles with steel core bullets and hand grenades. So unless they fire at you with something like a .50 Cal machine gun or a Barrett, you’re going to be fine. After all, it’s not like the adversary is going to miss you, what with the Maybach being 20 cm larger in both dimensions than the S-Class Saloon.

How they have managed to build this level of protection into the Maybach S600 Guard is a secret, but Mercedes can reveal that protective components of special steel are integrated into the cavities between the body structure and the outer skin, and that the windows  are coated with polycarbonate on the inside for splinter protection, and have outstanding visual characteristics, despite their laminated structure.

Boasting the same power and luxury features as the standard Maybach, the S600 Guard is understandably more expensive at 470,000 Euros.

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