/The Geneva Car Show – What’s Hot and New for 2016

The Geneva Car Show – What’s Hot and New for 2016

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The changing designs and creations at the auto houses can be likened to the great fashion houses of the world, and really do attract the same bling and media attention of the world’s press. With much at stake in the auto industry, particularly in times of economic downturn, each of the players if jostling for position on the cat walk or centre stage.

With great expectations, and many a celebrity set to be sitting in the driving seats of the latest and newest cars off the production line, what can we expect to see this year in Geneva?

Whilst details of the unveilings are kept under wraps until the official launch day, the manufacturers have set the drip feeding of information into motion. The promises of everything from concept cars, drawings and visualisations, to world premieres, is set to keep the cameras filming and the high rollers walking around in awe.

What is promised is the unveiling of several world debuts. Volvo is planning to show off its new V90 estate car, the sister of the recently revealed S90. The leaked pictures look very promising, but let’s see how she looks at the debut in March.

For those that love to imagine luxury and performance at its best, perhaps the unveiling of Maserati’s all-wheel drive SUV, the Levante, will get your motor running. The wraps have been kept firmly on this Italian creation, with many rumours about the power plant, the interior and other design elements. We will have to wait and see what the show reveals. The luxury car market is important for this iconic brand, so there will be sure to be lots of bling and dazzle at this event for Maserati.

Speaking of the luxury car market, the iconic brand that has for decades aided the infamous secret agent 007, Aston Martin, is set to debut the new DB11. This new luxury car will be powered by a new twin-turbo 5.2-litre V12. Enough horsepower to ease away from anyone tailing you on the open roads!

For those who can only dream and imagine about owning your very own iconic brand car, the new offering from Spanish car manufacturer SEAT, will bring you back down to terra firma.

It is an interesting new offering from SEAT. With the move away from a cross over, we see SEAT really entering the SUV market to set the production lines in Barcelona to capacity. With big plans for expansion, a lot of thought has been invested into the overall package from SEAT. The new Ateca is a brave move, and will cater to those with a smaller budget, looking for a fun filled SUV.

Skoda will also be unveiling its’ concept 7 seater SUV in Geneva, with plans to launch the off roader in early 2017. They are obviously looking to take their own space in the lucrative SUV market, so the unveil is going to be an important bid from the Skoda team and its engineers.

With so many fresh and new car offerings coming onto the market, there is bound to be a surplus of discounted and second hand cars coming onto an online car market near you.

Check out some of latest car offerings with the convenience of the internet. While it might mean you have to keep dreaming about that Maserati or Aston Martin V12, you can start your dreams on a smaller scale, by picking up a car a location near you.

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