/Ferrari LaFerrari Spider Privately Previewed

Ferrari LaFerrari Spider Privately Previewed

LaFerrari Spider 600x375 at Ferrari LaFerrari Spider Privately Previewed

Turns out Ferrari has used the buzz created by the 2016 Geneva Motor Show as a distraction, keeping the nosy media busy while they previewed something incredibly important to a group of select customers. That important thing is, evidently, the new LaFerrari Spider.

So it hasn’t been a successful effort on Ferrari’s part keeping LaFerrari Spider a secret, as someone has got hold of the “preview box” they sent out to customers and photographed it. There is no mistaking what that silhouette on the exquisite carbon fiber box belongs to. It’s a drop-top version of the V12 Hyper car, the version we were told would never happen.

But seeing how McLaren is running away with the marketplace, offering all kinds of custom P1 including track versions and road-going versions of those track versions, Ferrari has apparently decided it’s about time they did something to slow the Brit company’s progress. They’re definitely going to launch the Spider hyper car before McLaren.

Mind you, LaFerrari Spider won’t be the first open-top hyper car. Porsche 918 already offers a removable top, and before that we had the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport and all those different Koenigssegg models. But, I think it is safe to say the LaFerrari will be the hottest of them all.

Photos via Automotive Passion (D. Benoit)

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