/GTR-Engined Nissan Navara by Severn Valley Motorsport

GTR-Engined Nissan Navara by Severn Valley Motorsport

GTR Engined Nissan Navara 600x383 at GTR Engined Nissan Navara by Severn Valley Motorsport

Inspired by Nissan’s own adventures with ordinary cars and R35 GT-R engines, British tuner SVM (Severn Valley Motorsport) has fitted a Nissan Navara pickup truck with the 3.8-liter V6 biturbo motor of the sports coupe. And as if it wasn’t enough, they’ve also tuned the engine.

So while the standard Nissan Navara gets a rattly turbo-diesel engine with almost no horsepower at all, the SVM version boasts a whopping 800 horsepower which is about 230 more than what you get from a stock GT-R engine. Mind you, this is a claim we would like verified, because the tuner is very casual with words, claiming they could easily give you access to 1,500 horsepower.

What would 1,500 horsepower do to the chassis of a workhorse pickup truck, we don’t know. But Severn Valley Motorsport do fit modified suspension, GT-R wheels, and upgraded transmission and all-wheel-drive system to help the poor Nissan Navara come to grips with the insanity imposed upon it. The tuner says their Navara can reach 200+ mph.

As a concept what SVM is proposing here is brilliant. We love the idea of an over-powered pickup truck. But something tells us it is not going to be practical in the real world – especially as the modification costs a very dear £175,000. You could buy a serious supercar for that kind of money.

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