/GTS Drag Battle: Mercedes AMG GT vs Porsche 991

GTS Drag Battle: Mercedes AMG GT vs Porsche 991

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I know most of you guys tend to hate anything branded Top Gear since the departure of the three stooges – and we’re with you on that – but that’s no reason to boycott the Top Gear Magazine, especially when they do cool stuff like this. They have lined two GTS sports cars for a drag race to see which one deserves your hard-earned cash… if all you want in a car is straight line performance!

The cars in question here are Mercedes-AMG GT-S and the Porsche 991 GTS. This should be interesting:

So the thing that just happened, what was its ingredients? On the right we had the Mercedes powered by a 510 horsepower bi-turbo V8 with a displacement of 4.0 liters. On the left the Porsche 991 GTS stood its ground with a 430 horsepower 3.8 liter flat-six. Regardless of the results, choosing a winner between these two comes down to personal preference and what they offer as a package. The Merc is more luxurious and more comfortable, while the Porsche is more exciting to drive and, well, a Porsche.

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