/New Ford Mustang: There is Too Much to Be Excited About

New Ford Mustang: There is Too Much to Be Excited About

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The hype concerning the new Ford Mustang is not unjustified with the ahead-of-time specs, plush design and engine power the car is packed with. We have all come to know that the car will be equipped for right hand drive as Ford is trying to push the car into European market as part of company’s global initiative famously named ‘One Ford’.

This time with the all new Ford Mustang there seems to be a renewed emphasis to make an impressive presence in the European market by the ace car manufacturer. The Chief Operating Officer (COO) Mark Fields voiced the company’s ambition openly. He clearly expressed company’s wish to make the new Ford Mustang a credible sports car on European roads. Though Mustang is very likely to face fierce competition from major car brands like the German BMW, Audi and Porsche, the sound specs and design may help turn it to be a winner. To see what it holds in store to make a competitive standing other brands, we need to look at the specs, design and engine power offered by the car.

Ford transformed a few things for a better design and performance. To begin with, the old live rear axle has been replaced by the independent rear suspension allowing far smooth ride than the earlier versions. To boost the performance and add to the smoothness of driving a few other things have been given complete makeover. Actually the total car body has been transformed to accommodate improved and bigger brakes, a much lightweight sub frame for car front, a powerful torque vectoring mechanism and a differential to prevent slip.

Most important of all, Ford Mustang incorporated all modern components replacing typical parts used in big American sports car models. Result is a lighter and more performance driven car comparable to the best in class in Europe. Moreover, you’ll get all the necessary Mustang parts in UK from Jennings Motor Group. As to reply to the question whether Ford Mustang will be another American muscle car or will actually offer tuff competition to the sophisticated European counterparts, we can positively favor Mustang this time. As for the driving experience, the new car will offer more smooth drive than many of its competitors. Ford Mustang can be assessed as a positive step forward for ‘Ford One’ global initiative.

The car in it’s inside design and facilities, has been given a more qualitative focus aiming for the European car market. Find plush stitched leather seats, aluminum built central console and for all your digital and entertainment needs there is 8 inch touch screen centre.

As far as ease and smoothness in driving is concerned, the new Mustang let drivers choose from four driving settings just with a toggle switch. The four driving modes such as normal, snow/wet, sport and track can equip driver adjust driving speed and car performance in all road conditions. This obviously will allow enhanced control and ease in diverse situations.

Besides offering four driving modes, the steering wheel of Ford Mustang offers a total of 3 different power steering options. Drivers according to the driving situation and condition can choose from comfort, sport and standard steering options. While the comfort steering option needs least effort, the sport option needs high effort and the standard steering comes in between offering a balanced steering setting.

All new Ford Mustang comes thoroughly equipped with an array of effective safety features to prevent and avoid accidents. There is forward collision warning and corresponding brake support that can warn the drivers before a potential situation leading to collision. The brakes get recharged and respond to such situation with utmost responsiveness.

While the performance attributes seems superb to make a tough competitive standing in the European market, the design and aesthetic seems no less equipped to bully the best in class cars. Although the overall car design remained strongly American in character, the new look of Ford Mustang has been engineered to offer more dynamic countenance. The car is much lower, wider and is tucked in middle attracting more attention to the arches around wheels. The car front looks sleek and precise with thin headlights and a wider “shark bite” grill. The quintessential Mustang look has been preserved only with a few twists in the overall aesthetics.

As per latest news, Ford Mustang may cost somewhere around £30,000. We as sport car enthusiasts cannot just hold our patience to see the power wheels of Ford Mustang hitting the European roads and tracks throwing an eye grabbing contest for the car makers over there to beat Mustang in speed, performance and aesthetics.

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