/Warp Speed: McLaren 675LT 0-290 km/h Test

Warp Speed: McLaren 675LT 0-290 km/h Test

McLaren 675LT 0 290 600x360 at Warp Speed: McLaren 675LT 0 290 km/h Test

We are growing very fond of Motorsport Magazine’s no-nonsense, pedal-to-the-metal acceleration tests in which they start from one side of a runway and see how fast they can go before reaching the braking point on the other side. The last of these videos we showed you was of a Nismo GT-R, and it was pretty darn quick. Now they have got their hands on a McLaren 675LT and, well, this one redefines quick.

The moment you drop the hammer and launch a McLaren 675LT off the line, you create a warp in the spacetime continuum as the car gathers speed like nothing else you’ve ever encountered. It’s a good thing they’ve fitted a digital speedo. An analogue one simply wouldn’t be able to keep up!

McLaren 675LT Specs:

Maximum speed 330KPH (205MPH); 0-100KPH (62MPH) 2.9s; 0-200KPH (124MPH) 7.9s; Maximum power 675PS (666BHP); Maximum torque 700NM (515LBFT); Engine capacity 3,799CC; Technology Twin-Turbo200-0KPH (124-0MPH) 115M (377FT); 100-0KPH (62-0MPH) 30.2M (99FT); CO2 275G/KM; Power to Weight 549PS/Tonne; Weight 1,328KG (2,927LB); Dry Weight 1,230KG; Weight distribution (F/R) 42.5%/57.5%

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