/Ever Seen a 6-Door Jeep Wrangler Off-Roader?

Ever Seen a 6-Door Jeep Wrangler Off-Roader?

6 Door Jeep Wrangler Off Road 0 600x380 at Ever Seen a 6 Door Jeep Wrangler Off Roader?

Well, now you have! This crazy thing is in effect an off-road bus with six doors and four rows of seats accommodating up to twelve people. The 6-Door Jeep Wrangler is built by Swat Motorsports and rocks a special set of Forgiato Wheels.

As silly as this vehicle might seem to you at first glance, we can think of a couple of situations where something like this would become handy. The 6-Door Jeep Wrangler would, for instance, make a great tour vehicle for exploring across rough terrains. After all, it’s fully kitted out with off-road suspension and has those great big off-road wheels and tires. Also, if you have like a large family and live in a field somewhere, this car would be perfect for the school run. It’d be much safer than sending the kids down the valley on an ox!

The 6-Door Jeep Wrangler is a pretty safe car regardless, what with that chunky roll cage it has, the huge front and rear guards, and the massive light bar up front. The SUV itself is a rather old creation built a while back predominantly for fun and also for rental purposes in Vegas, which is the only city in the world something like this makes any sense. Recently the vehicle was painted matte black for more visual drama and equipped with a set of Forgiato Terra Series off-road wheels finished in candy blue.

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