/Photoshoot: RENNtech SLS Black Series in Boston

Photoshoot: RENNtech SLS Black Series in Boston

RENNtech SLS Black Series Boston 0 600x358 at Photoshoot: RENNtech SLS Black Series in Boston

The great city of Boston has given the world many cool things. Good Will Hunting, Mark Wahlberg, … ermm… the Ted movies, … and now an awesome backdrop for this RENNtech SLS Black Series photoshoot!

What have here, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the world’s most macho cars in both character and appearance. It’s like the illegitimate love child of Humphrey Bogart and   Clint Eastwood, if that child was on steroids. RENNtech SLS Black Series is big, it’s imposing, and it has enough power to demolish Boston’s South End in one sweeping blow.

Mercedes SLS Black Series is itself a helluva machine, powered by a muscular V8 6.2 liter V8 engine that sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger if he could talk properly. But neither the power nor the soundtrack was satisfying for the guys at RENNtech, which is why they have equipped this car with their own ECU and stainless steel long tube headers.

As a result, RENNtech SLS Black Series packs a 667 horsepower/505 lb-ft punch and has a roar that can kickstart an earthquake. And of course, there’s those looks:

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