/Akrapovic Ferrari 488 GTB Exhaust System Detailed

Akrapovic Ferrari 488 GTB Exhaust System Detailed

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A few weeks ago we showed you the first Akrapovic Ferrari 488 GTB equipped with the exhaust maker’s bespoke system for this car. Now they have released more technical details on the system along with some facts and figures as to how much power you gain and how much weight you lose with it. It’s not just about the sound.

Let’s begin with the basic system. Akrapovic Ferrari 488 GTB gets in this program a couple of link pipes without cats, constructed with larger-diameter straight tubes, designed to reduce back pressure to a minimum. Paired with an ECU remap they result in a healthy power gain and deliver a tone similar to a normally aspirated V8 engine from a turbo power plant.

One step above that is the 200 CPSI high-flow high-quality metal cats and larger insulated tubes. They increase the power output due to less restricted flow through the cats and lowered back pressure and result in an increase of 10 dB in external sound. As with the previous mod, an ECU remap is required for the power gain to take effect.

What you want, though, is the full-fat Slip-On Line titanium Akrapovic Ferrari 488 GTB system. Constructed from ultra-lightweight special titanium alloys, this unit results in a weight reduction of 35.2% over the stock exhaust (-3.8 kg) while its larger-diameter tubes assist airflow and a different system configuration lower the back pressure. The power gain, after ECU remap, is nearly 8 hp and over 6 Nm of torque.

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