/Blast from the Past: Frozen White BMW M3 E92

Blast from the Past: Frozen White BMW M3 E92

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It has not been very long since the E92 BMW M3 was replaced by the F80 series, but the new M3 and M4 have dominated the scene with so much force, the E90 generation looks like something from the 90s. Still, there are reason that would make us pick this Frozen White BMW M3 over an M4 any day of the week.

Besides the unique paint job, known officially as BMW Individual Frozen Brilliant White Metallic, this M3 features a number of other highlights that makes it, in our eyes, a better choice than the M4. Granted, the M4 looks fancier and is a lot more modern. But we buy sports coupes for the fun and excitement of the drive. And in that aspect the E92 has the M4 licked.

For starters, the Frozen White BMW M3 E92 we have here is powered by a high-revving V8 and not a turbo-stifled straight-six. The smaller engine may produce more horsepower, but it is nowhere near as exciting to play with as the big V8. What’s more, this M3, in spite of its fancy colors and nice rims and M interior with a bespoke steering wheel, costs a LOT less than a new M3. So you can beat it up and have all kinds of fun with it with no regards for the condition of your wallet.

The last reason why we’d pick this M3 over an M4 is a personal one, and has to do with the way the E92 looks. There is just something naughty about the appearance of this model, even though compared to an F80 it has a much simpler, far less cluttered design. We think this generation is the best looking M3 in the history.

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