/Clarkson, Hammond and May’s New Show Named the Grand Tour

Clarkson, Hammond and May’s New Show Named the Grand Tour

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It’s official now. The former Top Gear boys – all three quite old now, but vigorous as ever, enlivened by their shared love of all things motoring and hatred of speed cameras – have finally chosen a name for their long-awaited Amazon Prime motoring show. Produced by Andy Wilman, the new show is called “the Grand Tour” which is rather unimaginative, but perfectly acceptable. 

Honestly though, we think they should have gone with what James May had proposed, which was “Nigel.” But Gran Tour is also good, and what’s even better is that since the new show does not have to fit in any stupid BBC schedule, each season is going to have 12 proper episodes. And what’s better is that they have already planned three seasons. And what’s even better than that, each episode comes to you from a different location. Yes, the show really is a Grand Tour.

This part was apparently thought up by Amazon marketing team who is going to give away the studio audience tickets in a prize draw for their customers in every region the show stops, which means they are counting on using the show’s hype to sell more stuff. Again, nothing wrong with that. If anything, that means the boys will have more money to produce more awesome shows.

And the final cool thing about Grand Tour by Clarkson, Hammond and May, at least until we hear more about it, is that there is no studio as such. They are instead going to use a tent in every location the show visits, which gives it a completely different feel and look than Top Gear.

P.S. Jeremy Clarkson has developed a fondness for Facebook Q&As. You can read the one about the naming of the show HERE and have a hearty laugh.

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