/Mercedes-Benz Animated Films Tell Story of the Brand

Mercedes-Benz Animated Films Tell Story of the Brand

Mercedes Benz Animated Films 600x344 at Mercedes Benz Animated Films Tell Story of the Brand

To celebrate its tenth anniversary Mercedes-Benz Museum has commissioned a couple of short animated films which shine a new light on the well-known history of the brand. This seems like a good way to inform the new generation, who has no interest in anything that doesn’t come in pre-digested video form, of the history of one of the world’s biggest brand names.

As some of you may remember a while ago Mercedes-Benz also commissioned a number of comic strips to highlight their history through a medium today’s youth seem to be keen on. The new animated films build on the same effort.

The story of Mercedes is kind of a cool story which is why the company spends so much money and energy trying to remind people of it. They think everybody should know at least why what was invented by Benz became to be known as Mercedes-Benz. If you still don’t know, check out this animation:

The second animation is a bit harder to grasp and a tad less interesting. It’s called  “Hungry for History” and it’s about a monster that eats up classic Mercedes model. To be honest we didn’t even try to get it, so here it is, see if you can make sense of it:

The stop-motion animation movies were made by six young film makers from Stuttgart and the surrounding region.

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