/Mansory G63 6×6 Burns Down After Light Crash

Mansory G63 6×6 Burns Down After Light Crash

Mansory G63 6×6 Burns Crash 0 600x417 at Mansory G63 6×6 Burns Down After Light Crash

In an odd accident in the city of Guangzhou in China a rare and very expensive Mercedes Mansory G63 6×6 burst into flames and burnt to a crisp after a light collision with a Hyundai Santa Fe. An investigation is required to determine the cause of the fire, but the car itself is done for, which is sad.

The crash itself, in which the Mansory G63 6×6 hit the Santa Fe on the left side, seems to have been pretty light. It barely qualifies as a fender bender. That said, it could have knocked something loose inside the engine bay or underneath the massive truck which in turn led to fire. There are a lot of things to suspect as the culprit underneath the 6×6, from its side exhausts, which can get really hot, to the extra-long fuel lines and big fuel pumps.

So unless the driver of this Mansory G63 6×6 had been carrying a can of fuel next to an open flame in the back of the truck at the time of the accident, the suspicion falls on the vehicle, which of course reflects badly on Mansory. Mercedes-Benz can claim they are sure of the quality of their work, so it must have been the tuner not bolting things up properly after they were done modifying the vehicle, which could actually be the case.

At any rate, it is terrible to see this 6×6 bite the dust like this. There aren’t that many of these cars around and the owners should do a better job of maintaining them. Here’s this very car before the accident:

Mansory G63 6×6 Prior Crash 600x455 at Mansory G63 6×6 Burns Down After Light Crash

Via CarNewsChina

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