/Matte White McLaren 650S Spider by Impressive Wrap

Matte White McLaren 650S Spider by Impressive Wrap

Matte White McLaren 650S 0 600x418 at Matte White McLaren 650S Spider by Impressive Wrap

We’re still marveling at the sheer awesomeness of this dark and moody 675LT by RACE! But we do realize some of you are sensitive souls who don’t like dark and moody stuff So just for you we have found the exact opposite of that car, a nice and lovely Matte White McLaren 650S Spider.

This ought to soothe the gentle and light-loving nature of the sensitive fella. For one thing, it’s a Spider which means they can drop the top as they dawdle along soaking the sunlight and smiling at mother nature. Then, of course, there’s the wrap which is white as the Christmas night’s snow. This Matte White McLaren 650S Spider is an optimist. Unlike that LongTail which looked like it wanted to kill you, this one has a positive attitude toward life.

Of course, Impressive Wrap has not gone completely pansy with this car. The snow white finish on this car is matte which is kind of cool, and they have wrapped the roof and the bumper grilles in gloss black. What’s more, they have used gloss red accents around the aero parts to spice things up a bit and applied classy 4D Carbon film to the side scoops and the rear wing. Realistically, when the roof is up this 650S has a two-tone black and white finish. So it goes both ways. Wait, that didn’t come out right…

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