/RevoZport Mercedes AMG GT Gets 650-hp

RevoZport Mercedes AMG GT Gets 650-hp

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That’s right. Even before the new Mercedes AMG GT R is obsolete even before it’s revealed. That car is getting what? 585 horsepower? Well, you can now buy this RevoZport Mercedes AMG GT with 650 horsepower. And you don’t have to have it in green, either.

Dubbed GTZ-650, RevoZport Mercedes AMG GT comes with a meaty performance package and a pretty cool aero kit which is not only good for up to 20 percent more downforce at high speed, it also gives the car a sweet motorsporty look. Made from carbon fiber, the kit includes a front chin spoiler complete with lip and splitter, large side skirts, revised rear diffuser and a tall rear wing.

So with the RevoZport Mercedes AMG GT you get pretty much everything the new AMG GT R is supposed to offer except for the central tailpipe at the back. Instead you get a full 650 horsepower which is a remarkable increase over the standard 510, and is achieved through a mix of upgrades applied to the turbochargers, engine control software, and exhaust trickery.

RevoZport is adamant their AMG GT remains perfectly usable for everyday driving. It just makes that everyday driving a little bit more fun and a little bit more special. They haven’t revealed how much the privilege of driving one of these bad boys costs, but rest assured it is less than the cost of an AMG GT R.

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