/Virtual Tuning: Bugatti Veyron Wide Body

Virtual Tuning: Bugatti Veyron Wide Body

Bugatti Veyron Wide Body 600x357 at Virtual Tuning: Bugatti Veyron Wide Body

If you are hoping that with the launch of the new Bugatti Chiron prices are going to plummet on the Veyron and you’ll be able to afford one, well, that’s just not going to happen. What can happen though is for Veyron owners to become kind of loosey-goosey with their cars and subject them to treatments like this.

What we have here is a rendering of a Bugatti Veyron Wide Body, and although we don’t normally approve of messing with classy hyper car to this extent, the end result looks so damn good that we just don’t care. We like this thing better than the Chiron. We’d this over any other hyper car because it’s just so badass.

What designer Jon Sibal has done to create this virtual Bugatti Veyron Wide Body is lower the car on a set of extra wide wheels, modify the front and rear fenders and extent them beyond any reasonable measure, and then just to make things more spicy add a series of new aero parts as well. For our part we’d like to add to the list a seriously loud exhaust system and maybe rear-wheel-drive conversion so can drift!

Rendering by Jon Sibal

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