/Mcchip Audi S1 Boosted to 300 Horsepower

Mcchip Audi S1 Boosted to 300 Horsepower

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When Audi came up with the S1 hot hatch and gave it a 2.0 liter turbo engine with 231 PS and 370 Nm of torque, they thought they were going to have this market locked for at least a decade. Then the new Focus RS came along and made them look like a fool. But if you’ve already bought the S1 car do not despair because there is a remedy at hand now in form of Mcchip Audi S1.

Yes, it is an aftermarket treatment, but it is fast and clean and can be obtained at a reasonable cost considering how much the likes of MTM and ABT charge for their engine upgrade kits. In this program Mcchip-DKR takes in a stock Audi S1 and through a number of light modifications gives an extra 70 horsepower which is a very decent amount relative to the work and the changes they make to the engine.

Mcchip Audi S1 power kit consists of the tuner’s own Stage 2 software upgrade and a set of downpipes and sport cats for the exhaust system. The net result of these mods is an output of 304 PS and 437 Nm of torque, and of course a sportier noise thanks to the customized exhaust. Granted, the Focus RS will still run rings around this car, literally, thanks to its drift mode, but this tuning program takes only 8 hours to install and has top quality.

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