/Custom Koenigsegg CCX Demolished in Mexican Crash

Custom Koenigsegg CCX Demolished in Mexican Crash

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In what can only be described as the automotive equivalent of a terrorist attack, a one-off custom Koenigsegg CCX got utterly destroyed in a high-speed crash in Mexico. The multi-million dollar hyper car is completely written off and its occupants have been, predictably, hospitalized with injuries.

The custom Koenigsegg CCX chassis number #63 had been reportedly been in Mexico for only a day and it was headed back to Texas with the ultimate destination of Monterey, California, when it hit the curb travelling at high speed on some Mexican highway and rolled over several times. The wreck is pretty much unsalvageable which means in a matter of seconds what could have easily fetched $1.5 million turned into a pile of junk they have to pay someone to clear up. But hey, such is life.

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What makes this crash rather peculiar is the rumors surrounding the state of the car at the time of the crash. It had left Texas for Mexico the day before the crash with, reportedly, no insurance which of course make the whole thing more cringeworthy for the owner. And it makes you think, doesn’t it… a super expensive car, Mexico, no insurance, high speed dash for America… it all sounds a bit like the ending of an awesome cartel movie!

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