/Ringbrothers Previews SEMA 2016 Concepts

Ringbrothers Previews SEMA 2016 Concepts

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SEMA show would feel empty without the renowned coachbuilders of Ringbrothers bringing their wonderful designs to the show each year, even though most of those designs remain a concept forever. Here’s four new cool ideas the Ringbrothers have for the 2016 SEMA show, including a Chevrolet, a Cadillac, a Ford, and a Winnebago!

Let’s begin with the Caddy, a 1948 Cadillac Series V fastback named “Madam V” which is the ultimate restomod project with the steel body of the original car and 2016 ATS-V underpinnings. As you’d expect, the body is somewhat caricatured and has a strong hotrod vibe about it that the purists are not going to like very much.

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The car we’re partial to is 1965 widebody Mustang convertible “Ballistic” which, again, features a classic body and a modern engine, in this case a supercharged 5.8 liter Ford V8 engine from a Shelby GT500. This thing would have hella Mad Max if it weren’t for that rather lovely BASF Glasurit custom hue “Blu by U” paint job.

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Muscle car lovers will be pleased by the presence of the “G-Code” Camaro, a 1969 model with a Wegner Whipple supercharged LS3 which makes the car the fastest and most powerful Chevy the Rings have ever built. The body has a cool sleeper look about it and is adorned with modern aero features.

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The weirdest Ringbrothers product at this year’s SEMA is the Winnebago thing, a 1972 “Happy Camper” Winnebago Brave which they have equipped with a 900+ horsepower engine and tikki lounge and WWII Bomber-inspired interior. Now that is something worth seeing.

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